are located in the region around the small village Zakros, next to Sitia in Crete. Zakros is a beautiful, authentic, little village in the mountains of Sitia. We are cultivating olive trees already in the fourth generation. In Zakros there is no large industry or pollution, that would denounce the quality of our olives and only a few of the masses of tourists, visiting Crete every year, is finding the way over here. The ground is calcareous and sterile and the climate [very hot days, cool nights] does its own for to make this area to have the best condition for growing olive trees. Our olive trees are not treated chemically but only watered and fertilized once a year, directly right after the harvest. The olives are laboriously harvested by hand, which means the whole family has to help. But the effort is worth it. Eleones Zakros has already received several international awards and is one of the top pure virgin olive oils worldwide, which of course we are particularly proud of.



with two of his grandchildren


picking out the olives by hand


Some of our groves are really steep, but you have a wonderful view.


is a small village in the Cretan mountains, with more than 200 000 olive trees.

Our venture started in 2008 with a small business, since then we have amassed experience and have grown our business respectably. Having been internationally awarded with various prizes several times, our beliefs in honesty and quality have been confirmed.