Eleones Zakros is a genuine SITIA PDO extra virgin olive oil from Crete ,is provely one of the best olive oils of the world.
Zakros is a small mountain village, near Sitia, in East Crete, far away from pollution and industry. There, alraedy the Minoans from the palast of Zakros where cultivating olive trees with a history of 4 milleniums. Our olive oil is produced exclusively from the varity Olea Europea Koroneiki, which gives an oil of exquisite quality, aroma, flavor and color.
Our philosophy is based on proven traditional principles of olive cultivation. We have grown up among olive trees. We have been taught the cultivation of the olive trees by our parents and grandparents with respect to the nature and the environment. Many of our olive trees are more than 100 years old.
Having been awarded internationally several times, our belifes in honesty and quality have been confirmed.

Cold pressed extra virgin olive oil from Zakros Sita Crete
gourmet olive oil from sitia zakros crete
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