premium quality extra virgin olive oil from crete

Stands out in the plurality of flavors

Our olive grows

Our olive grows are situated in Estern Crete.The small village of Zakros Is lying about 500 meters above the sea,the best conditions for growing Olive trees.The ground is calcareus and steril and the climete (very hot bay the day, cold nights) does its own for to make this area to have the Best condition for olive trees.In this part of Crete there is not industry or Pollution and only a few of the masses of tourists, visiting Crete every year, is finding the way over here. Most of our olive trees is more than 100 years old, and there is not a big Difference between the production of our olive oil then and nowdays.

We learned the way of harvesting the olives from our parents and grandparents and they from their parents and so on.It is a trandition ELEONES ZAKROS FINEST EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL is one of the best Olive oils of the world.It is the Highest Quality of Finest Extra Virgin olive oil.The acidity nearly never goes over 0,2%. This is even for Crete very rare.                                            

If you are inderested to taste this very rare product,please contact us.