ultra premium quality extra virgin olive oil from crete

      Cold pressed extra virgin olive oil from Zakros Sita Crete


Crete Extra virgin olive oil Zakros Sitia Crete. Our philosophy is based on proven traditional principles of olive cultivation.

Our olive oil is produced exclusively from the Olea Europea,variety Koroneiki, which gives an oil of exquisite quality, aroma, flavor and color.We have grown up among olive trees. We have been taught the cultivation of the olive trees by our parents and grandparents.

From the oil plantations of the Minoan Palace,with a history of four milleniums.
Our company cooperates with large CRETAN companies in the Olive Oil Industry-market. Also, the company cooperates with private producers, and unions of agricultural cooperatives throughout the CRETE territory.
We produce, export and comericalize Best Quality EXTRA VIRGIN Olive Oil found in CRETE. We guarantee the quality of our products 100%.
A long tradition of exportation and working in the market makes us the perfect choice for your olive oil needs.We can offer all the kinds of olive oil that CRETE produces because we both produce and commercialize olive oil exclusively from CRETE. By contacting us, you can satisfy all of your olive oil needs with one company.
We will work to provide you with everything you need from industrial sized orders to smaller bottles for special occasions, your delicatessan, or to stock your shelves